Matthew J. “Matt” O’Bryan

“I commit myself every day to my father Pat O’Bryan’s memory, progressively taking KLA Laboratories to heights he could never have imagined while proudly serving our clients with the honesty, integrity and passion he instilled in our family.”

The 90-year-old heart of KLA Laboratories continues to beat strong at every client job site, with every technological advancement, and inside every dedicated employee as Matt O’Bryan, youngest son of Norma and the late Pat O’Bryan, fervently forges innovative new paths with his entire team at the global communications technology company.

Matt began working at KLA in 1984 at age 16 in the shipping and receiving department, and became an audio/visual technician after high school graduation. Though Matt had been unsure about his life’s direction, his career path crystallized when his father, then KLA President Pat O’Bryan, passed away suddenly in 1991. His mother Norma took over as president and Matt was named vice president of operations while still in college, earning his Bachelor of Business Administration from Cleary University in 1992.

Ten years later in 2002, Norma sold KLA to Matt, who was promoted to president and COO, as well as to her son Donald and her daughter Mary. The second generation owner began expanded the company’s product and service offerings, and KLA’s annual revenue soared from $2.5 million that year to $11.9 million in 2005.

Matt’s vision and strength as a leader were both indisputably solidified when the company’s market share and profits dropped to dangerously low levels as the recession began to hit in 2007. Laser-focused on KLA’s future, the company began selling, engineering and installing hardware for the cabling and Wi-Fi networks they built. KLA created a Network Services Division and Network Staging Center as well as established expertise in distributed antenna systems (DAS). These new offerings led to rising revenues, reaching $30 million in 2015, with projected revenues of $40 million in 2016.

In January 2016, Matt became President and CEO of KLA, leading a growing team of approximately 150 employees with clients in 50 states as well as Canada and Mexico. Every KLA team member feels a part of the KLA family. Collaboration and the freedom to fail, grow and learn from mistakes are a big part of the corporate culture Matt has continued to strengthen throughout his tenure.

Matt earned an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Henry Ford Community College in 1998. Around that time, he was diagnosed with hairy cell leukemia, which has been in remission since 2000. Matt serves on the board of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Michigan Chapter, and was honored as one of the Crain’s Detroit Business 40 Under 40 class in 2007.

One of Matt’s personal passions is playing rhythm guitar, singing and performing nationwide with his country-rock band, The Wrenfields. They have released three critically-acclaimed albums and won six Detroit Music Awards.

Tommy Cataldo

“I am inspired every day by the knowledge and depth of experience at KLA.”

Tommy Cataldo met Matt O’Bryan in 1986 when they both tried out for the men’s golf team during their sophomore year at Henry Ford Community College, and he became fast friends with Matt and his family. Seven years later in 1993, after spending the first part of his career in the golf industry in addition to enduring continuous pressure by Matt’s parents, Norma and Pat O’Bryan of KLA Laboratories, Tommy joined the company as a cable installation technician.

Tommy grew with the company, moving from the field to become purchasing manager in 1995 and operations manager in 1999. He was named vice president and general manager of KLA in 2005, and promoted to vice president and COO in 2016. Today, Tommy and Matt, president and CEO of KLA, work side by side overseeing every aspect of KLA’s operations, growth and success.

A golf enthusiast to his core, Tommy was captain of the men’s golf team during his sophomore year at Henry Ford Community College, and captain of the men’s golf team in his senior year at Detroit College of Business in 1990, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing and management. He resides in St. Clair Township, Michigan.

Tony Verdun

“I don’t leave until the job gets done. That is just how I am wired.”

After a career in management, Tony Verdun shifted paths and joined KLA Laboratories as an installer technician in 2001. Today, as director of distributed antenna systems (DAS) solutions at KLA, Tony is responsible for overseeing an eight-person wireless telecommunications department.

Working alongside Matt O’Bryan, then president and COO of KLA, Tony was the catalyst behind the creation of the company’s DAS unit, which did not exist prior to his joining KLA 15 years ago. Tony and his team have completed complex client projects throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Spain and India for Verizon Wireless, Ford Motor Company, AT&T and T-Mobile. They have harnessed a strategic method of deploying voice and data services to mobile devices where service is limited or nonexistent.
A classic car enthusiast, Tony enjoys restoring and cruising in his 1934 Ford Coupe and 1940 Chevrolet. He resides in South Rock, Michigan with his wife and daughter.

Dwaine Polio

“We have unparalleled technological intellect.”

After a distinguished 41-year career as a network technician with the US Army, General Motors, and Ford Motor Company, Dwaine Polio brought his vast expertise to KLA Laboratories in 2007 to establish and develop the company’s network services division. Over the past ten years, Dwaine has harnessed his vision, passion, knowledge and trusted industry relationships to secure a stellar team of experts that design and build complex network technology systems for clients such as Verizon Wireless, Ford, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), Detroit Lions and Michigan Motion Picture Studios. 

In 2017, Dwaine was named Director of Technology Innovation. In his new role, he responsible for developing and implementing strategies that drive technology innovation and growth to create innovative solutions that meet and exceed both current and prospective customer’s needs. He is also responsible for leading research and development to uncover new, creative ways for customers to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to automate their processes within KLA Laboratories verticals.

Dwaine earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in computer information systems from Davenport University and a Master of Science Administration in information resource management from Central Michigan University. He and his wife, Kathleen, have been married for 31 years, reside in Dearborn, Michigan, and have five children and seven grandchildren.

Don O’Bryan

“I am inspired by new challenges every day.”

When he attended his first Detroit Tigers game at six years old, Don O’Bryan realized for the first time that his father, Pat O’Bryan, then president of KLA Laboratories, was in charge of the sound system at Tiger Stadium. Eleven years later, when his dad set him up as a cameraman at the iconic ballpark, Don’s career path in the audio/visual systems industry was forged.

While earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Arizona State University in 1982, Don was a videotape editor at World Audio Video Entertainment (WAVE), and worked on some of the first music videos to air on MTV. He moved home, began videotaping horse races at KLA client, Northfield Downs, and officially joined his father’s company in 1976. Don was promoted to vice president of sales in 1991 after his father died and his mother, Norma, took over the family business. He became an installer technician, and since 2013, Don has served as senior DAS project manager, working on every major sports venue in Michigan in addition to sites throughout the United States such as prisons, hospitals, casinos, even limestone mines.

Don’s dedication to his mother, his clients, his family-owned company and his wife runs deep. A new commitment to exercise and a healthy diet helped Don lose 60 pounds in 2016.

Mary O’Bryan

“We maintain relationships with our customers through respect.”

Growing up, it was always Mary O’Bryan’s dream to work at KLA Laboratories and follow in her father’s (the late Pat O’Bryan’s) footsteps. After a successful stint in the hospitality industry in Orlando for Hyatt and Wyndham Hotels, Mary returned to Michigan in 1986 to work for her family business, and is proudly celebrating her 33rd anniversary at KLA in 2019.

Mary’s extensive experience at the company serves her well in her current position as director of public relations, a department she has built over the past several years as KLA has expanded its products, services and national and global footprint. She began as a receptionist, moved quickly into the accounting department, and in 1991, when her mother, Norma O’Bryan, took over the company after her father’s death, Mary began working in sales. She represented KLA at conventions, worked in the rental as well as shipping and receiving departments, and became educated about the extensive range of equipment and services offered to clients such as audio/visual systems, networking, DAS, and antennas.

Mary studied business, management and marketing at Kaplan University. An avid gardener and dog lover, Mary’s pride and joy is her daughter, Megan.

Glen Sutphin

“KLA is a company full of fantastic employees where the sky is the limit.”

Prior to joining KLA Laboratories in January 2016, Glen Sutphin enjoyed a successful corporate career at several leading global companies. During his tenure at vice president of sales and marketing for Modernfold and president of the U.S. division of DORMA, Glen kept in contact with his old friend, KLA President and CEO Matt O’Bryan. When Glen began exploring his next career move, Matt offered him the opportunity to lead KLA’s expansion in the western United States.

As Director of KLA’s West Region in Henderson, Nevada, Glen is expanding KLA’s customer base and developing strategic partnerships in the casino, convention and hospitality industries. He also serves the company’s existing clients in the region and is partnering with other businesses not licensed to provide cabling and KLA’s other service offerings.

Glen received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Baldwin Wallace University and a Master of Arts in behavioral pharmacology from Western Michigan University. A musician since college, he performs nationally in Matt’s award-winning band, The Wrenfields. Glen was introduced to his wife Laura by KLA’s Mary O’Bryan.

John Sattler

“Customer service is my main objective.”

A serendipitous service appointment in 2011 at the home of Matt O’Bryan, then president and COO of KLA Laboratories, resulted in a new career path for AT&T technician, John Sattler. After striking up a conversation and impressing KLA’s Dwaine Polio during a subsequent interview, John joined the company as a network support manager and network engineer.

Working primarily on the Ford Motor Company account for almost five years, John assisted in maintaining and repairing network infrastructure at 85 of the automaker’s data centers and business and engineering locations in Michigan, as well as over 50 additional sites across the United States. In March 2016, he was promoted to director of network services, leading a team of 20 skilled engineers and support staff that handles Day 1 network deployment and refresh services and Day 2 support services once the networks are running. Other clients include Cisco Systems, Inc. and AAA Life Insurance Company in Michigan, Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois and Florida.

John is certified in Cisco CCNA, CCDA and CXFS. He also proudly serves as a police reserve officer, a role he has fulfilled for the city of Woodhaven, Michigan for the past 13 years.

Neil Sever

“Our clients become believers.”

From presidents, pop stars and the pope, to music festivals with 100,000 fans and keynote addresses with 100 guests, Neil Sever’s passion is achieving audio perfection that presents clients at their best. As events production manager and front of house (FOH) engineer at KLA Laboratories since 2005, Neil and KLA’s experienced production staff work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the intricate audio/visual systems they rent, design and implement for events run smoothly. Equally valuable to clients is the preparation, grace under pressure and immense skill exhibited by Neil and his team when inevitable glitches do occur, which are assessed and corrected immediately.

Neil, who was associated with KLA for 10 years prior to joining the company, has grown the department by over 500% in the past 11 years. He also works closely with KLA’s other divisions to implement innovative wireless solutions and systems to enhance the event experience for attendees.

Since the age of three when he starting playing drums and piano, Neil’s first love has always been music. Both on and off the road, he has installed PA systems, mixed sound for internationally-renowned artists and performed in a band since his teens.

Nick Vettraino

“I strive to exceed KLA’s high standards of excellence every day.”

Nick Vettraino possesses a passion for sports, so his first job out of college as a statistics consultant for ESPN in Connecticut on the network’s Stats and Analysis Team was a great fit. But he missed his family in Michigan, and moved back in 2010 to utilize the skills he honed at ESPN in his new role at KLA Laboratories.  Nick was quickly promoted to Operations Manager in 2011, taking over responsibility for day-to-day operations.

In 2016, Nick was promoted to Director of Operations where he leads a team of 45 installer technicians and oversees purchasing, safety, and logistics. This includes coordinating both labor and material needs for job sites globally as well as training and scheduling for KLA’s installation team. It was his responsibility to coordinate the opening of KLA’s Technical Engineering Center in Dearborn, Michigan in 2015, which provides additional space for the company’s network and wireless in-building services.

Nick served as the defensive line coach for the Brother Rice High School varsity football team, helping them win three state championships. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Michigan in 2007, and recently enrolled in the Wayne State University Masters of Business Administration program. Nick and his wife, Erin, reside in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Sean Galbraith

“If one succeeds, we all succeed.”

For over 26 years, Sean Galbraith has honed a highly sophisticated, extremely tactical skill set in the complex accounting and commercial debt restructuring arenas. In 2007, the former CFO of Aztec Manufacturing and Eclipse Capital Group collaborated closely with Matt O’Bryan, then president and COO of KLA Laboratories, in an independent contractor role during very difficult economic conditions and in 2010, was named KLA’s CFO.

Sean is responsible for KLA’s internal financial reporting and forecasting, long-term strategy, bank financing and overseeing accounts payables and receivables. He is the primary liaison between KLA and its bank, insurance company and other business partners, steering a team of eight, including himself. His vast knowledge, targeted approach and implementation of a specialized financial software program have been the keys to cementing KLA’s ability to optimize its operations.

Sean received a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting from Albion College in 1989. He currently resides in Farmington, Michigan.

Walter Szpulak

“Customer satisfaction is what it’s all about.”

One phone call from Tony Verdun, KLA Laboratories’ director of DAS solutions, was all it took for Walter Szpulak to join the company as a project manager in 2015 after a successful 28-year career as an estimator, technician and project manager with Clover Electric Inc. in Ohio and Motor City Electric Co. in Detroit.

Walter, who was promoted to director of information structure at KLA in 2016, oversees seven project managers. He reviews all proposal estimates as well as the financials over the course of completing jobs for every KLA client. Whatever the customer’s industry, from automotive to sports to petroleum, outstanding service, open communication and honesty are of paramount importance to Walter. He appreciates the supportive, family-focused environment at KLA.

Walter plays hockey and has completed 13 full, 26-mile marathons. He has an Associate of Arts degree in liberal arts from Macomb County Community College and is working on his Bachelor of Arts degree in public affairs from Wayne State University. He resides in Clinton Township, Michigan.