Network Staging Services

Our dedicated Network Staging Center provides many services including configuration, validation, and integration. Our services ensure a successful deployment of any size and scale by employing best practices while preventing any complications or delays to the customer that can occur when deploying multiple projects simultaneously.

KLA Network Staging Services include:

  • Receive and inventory equipment

  • Assemble hardware and networking components

  • Install Operating System software and applications

  • Upgrade or downgrade image level according to customer standards

  • Install all current software, firmware and patches

  • Load configurations into network devices

  • Provide fail-over testing and burn-in solutions to minimize implementation failures

  • Prepare and manage multi-site, complex networking deployments

  • Minimize work performed on-site following completion of the rack and stack, connectivity and cutover

In addition, KLA's Network Staging Center can be made available to our customers for off-site lab development or testing.