KLA Connects with Michigan Works!

Michigan is at the core of an exciting time where technology innovations connected by the Internet of Things (IoT) now make it possible for companies to revolutionize how they engage with consumers. In the automotive industry, connected vehicle innovation is changing the relationship between the consumer and the automobile, and KLA Laboratories, Inc. is now poised to use connected vehicle innovation as a gateway to bring the essential IT networking disciplines to our clients.

Established in 1929, KLA Laboratories, Inc., a Dearborn, Mich. based communications and technology firm, provides turn-key solutions for networks, premise cabling, in-building wireless systems, video and sound system installations, and more. Within the Information Technology (IT) solutions vertical, KLA Laboratories has expertise in: Wide Area Networks (WAN), Local Area Networks (LAN), Wireless LAN, High Density (HD) Wireless LAN, and Outdoor Wireless Mesh solutions, along with professional design, installation and commissioning of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). Connected vehicles require a combination of the aforementioned IT network capabilities which provide solutions for successful implementation for our clients’ businesses. The addition of the Connected Vehicle Certification strengthened KLA Laboratories’ key skillset in their workforce to prepare for the anticipated growth in the field of connected vehicles.

As KLA Laboratories looks to maintain our vision of being on the forefront of communication technology for our clients, our goal to be a leader in connected vehicle innovation in our state has taken a step forward through the generous SEMCO SFFT grant. Cross-training the knowledge base of the KLA Laboratories’ IT Networking teams with the Connected Vehicle Certification, further enhances and strengthens KLA’s core skillsets across our IT networking disciplines for value-add to our clients. It also demonstrates to our clients that KLA and the State of Michigan are working together to enable training of employees to be on the forefront of emerging technologies. The exceptional training, we received from Michigan Works! Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA) will enhance our area of expertise and, in turn, help us to make an impact in the growth of connected vehicle innovation in Michigan.

KLA Laboratories is invested in providing its employees with cutting-edge training to advance their skillset given the rapidly advancing technologies of connected mobility and infrastructure in Michigan. This certification now provides KLA Laboratories with the opportunity to positively contribute to the state and local economy through technology that will be leveraged by our Michigan-based clients with a national presence. 

KLA Laboratories is appreciative of the opportunity to have training on the connected vehicle platform and sincerely thanks SEMCO for the SFFT grant. Michigan Works! Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA) has played a role in maintaining our vision of being on the forefront of the technology and helping foster the growth of connected vehicle innovation in Michigan.